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 If you're joining us this year, here are your pay options. Remember - all team members pay for all their individual travel expenses.


Serve. Give. Help them smile.

Trip Payment

Dos Amigos takes a 18-25 person team each year for a 7 to 10-day mission trip during the Easter break.

With the completion of our clinic / bunk house outside of Punta Gorda, BZ, additional teams are being arranged.

If you have registered for an upcoming trip, you may pay for your fees with a check or by using this secure Paypal link.

You may also contact us to pay directly to the travel agency using a credit card - a 3% fee does apply.


Now, team members can pay for their trip with a credit card using Paypal.

You do not have to have a Paypal account to use this.

You do, however, have to pay a credit card usage fee.

That fee adds 3% to the cost of the trip.

If you would prefer to save the 3% you can pay the travel agent with a check.

Contact us for details.